Please Understand, Smoking & Barbecue are Different!

Well believe me – our people dont have a very good idea about the difference between smoking and the barbecue. Sometimes they simply smoke stuff and try to sell it (or have it) like barbecue and sometimes barbecue is sold in the name of “Smoking”. However, these two are quite different things. You have to understand, when it comes about barbecue it’s all smoked yet every smoked food cannot be considered as barbecue. Here are the eight most important “Rules” of smoking!

1) There are too much differences between barbecue and smoking. As I mentioned above, please don’t mix them – they are not alike. Still, for generalizing remember this rule of thumb that any barbecue could be counted in smoked food but it’s not the case with many smoked foods and we cannot call them as barbecue


2) You have to understand the flavor of smoke. It has a definite and a unique ability to let simulate familiar foods from sausages to steaks and besides this – it is too exotic as well. If smoked correctly – you would be able to enjoy juicier food and much more juicer than what we usually achieved when we go with barbecue.

3 Literally, everything could be smoked including meat, poultry, cheese, fruits and deserts. Not only could this but you also think about doing the same thing with cocktails and vegetables.

5) Go slow, go low and remember it is the right way to go. Shoulder, ribs and briskets require a very slow and steady cook at right temperatures for ending up with a smoky perfection.

6) Use unlined butcher paper when smoking beef or ribs to prevent it from moisturizing effect. Otherwise you will end up with a soggy product.

7) For more tender and juicer meat, give it a rest while working with pork, shoulder and other large cuts. After smoking, transfer them to something like an insulate cooler and give it a rest there for around an hour or two. For sure – this process will assist you in making your meat juicier.

8) To achieve the proper tenderness, overcook meat and especially parts like bellies, brisket, ribs and shoulder. To achieve best results cook to 200 t0 210 Fahrenheit. With modern equipment available on the market you can keep the temperature under a very good control.

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