Its Gonna Be the Finest BARBECUE Resources Online!

Welcome on board! I am sure those who have reached this website are seeking information and stuff related to one of the finest cooking method humans have used – the Barbecue. Well, you have landed right! This blog and its pages are going to be the finest Barbecue resources on the Internet and without all those annoying advertisements!

The thing that motivated me

I know this is thought comes into minds when we see blogs on subjects like this. Well, as we are all there are so many websites available out there in foods niche. I always used the Internet as a source of information. However, let me be very honest – its turning in to a shit now. Most of the food related blogs have nothing to share with you. There is no quality in whatever content they have to offer. In fact, its not they in most cases their hired freelance writers are generating all that content. In simple words – you are getting nothing but spun content from them, full of mistakes and useless. But why? Because they want to make money through their blogs. Don`t you know about the monetization of websites? Affiliate market or so? Well, those who know could easily understand what am talking about.

How is Different?

We are different, unique and we are going to stay like this. I personally have years of experience and my beautiful wife holds a graduation degree in food. We as a family have always celebrated our life together and you know there is nothing better than a Barbecue for getting it celebrated. Holding of such small events costs you nothing and in return it brings so much joy and no doubt some tremendous memories. Ops! I was talking about the uniqueness of this website! Definitely – it is going to stay different as I have different plans. For sure am not going to tell all my trade secrets here but let me proceed with one idea

We will get it Nurtured Together!

Yes! I want to gather all the Barbecue lovers on one platforms. Are you guys ready to join me? Are you good at it and have something to share? Please come ahead with your valuable knowledge and let others explore what magic could be done with an ordinary looking stove. If you are available to write us something – I will get it published and you you will also be offered with a backlink to your website. See, in this way it is going to be a wonderful place and a collection of


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